Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PhD student "Dr" Laura Schlessinger and Veterans Day 2007

"Dr" Laura, who skipped Veterans Day 2007, got into it this year. Curious, as she was SO BIG on her "charity" rallies for war in '07, as if it was all about soldiers. O'Really?
Why blow off Veterans Day in November 2007?
What were those spectacles with Bill O'Reilly about?
The Salt Lake Tribune 5/13/2007 article, 'Military wives' whining wears on Dr. Laura', was worthy of an O'Reilly/Schlessinger performance on The Factor.

Only to be exceeded when O'Reilly/Schlessinger took on the competition, United Service Organizations (USO) CEO and President Edward Powell, November 2007.
Laura Schlessingers strange behaviors and performances only solicit more questions.

During Deryk Schlessingers court martial investigation [which he was never cleared] both O'Reilly/Schlessinger acted contrary to their better senses, they did not do for Deryk as mother wrote 5/17/08 in the Santa Barbara News-Press.
Here..."come out with clarification or rebuttal immediately"
No one defended Deryk Schlessinger because no one thought he was innocent.
What a crime this is, they conspire to cover up for Deryk. None other than the Pentagon accused gays and terrorists of hacking Deryk Schlessinger's MySpace page. At the same time none other than the Pentagon purged all the evidence as of Monday May 21 2007. By August 31, 2007 the Army did clear all the accused "enemies"... Deryk Schlessinger? They are all complicit in their silence... Laura Schlessinger continues her propaganda and PR.

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