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Has the News-Press declared war [again]? Santa Barbara elitists ongoing hate on with the less fortunate...

Fine food at the Biltmore
How beautiful is "paradise" with all the charity scammers taking advantage of the holiday cheer? I have mixed feelings about the Unity Shoppe production. I want everyone to have food, don't we all? I can see why they want to draw attention to fulfill the need but...
Here's the irrepressible rascal who is never short on words
The Grapes of Wrath.. H E R E
I haven't seen a Unity Telethon in years.

Santa Barbara County: A Profile of Poverty, Hunger & Food Assistance

Despite California’s economic and agricultural prosperity, one in six Californians is hungry or at serious risk of hunger—significantly worse than the nation as a whole. Hunger is a symptom of poverty; far too many families experience devastating health consequences when their low wages or modest public benefits can’t cover the cost of housing, utilities and food.

Children in Poverty, Ages 0 - 17: 2005

Citizen Laura Schlessinger writes as little as possible today in her blog:
Kids Don’t Have To Go To Bed Hungry December 22, 2008 on 6:00 am |
In California, Charity, Children, Dave Ramsey, Economy, Family, Parenting

She's busy with YouTube, a book and movie production. She writes almost half of her blog about Laura! She wrote:
"I remember one point in my own family’s life when we went through every pocket of every jacket and pair of pants, every drawer, and every little “box-like” entity in the house to pool together enough money to go to McDonald’s with our son. I remember crying in the mall one day, because we didn’t have enough cash for a second pair of shoes for him."

Obviously, she doesn't understand poverty. Scraping money together for McDonald’s is hard times? Her kid had one pair of shoes. They had jackets and pants to look through. They had a house to struggle in. I bet Lew paid child support to the family he abandoned.
She's a self-appointed role model. She's been like you, follow her example...
She wants parents to be shifty hucksters? There are people that believe it is stealing when you manipulate people to think you are what you are not and you get them to buy your hokey product.
"Kids Don’t Have To Go To Bed Hungry"
[one in six Californians is hungry or at serious risk of hunger—significantly worse than the nation as a whole]

She also writes: "that in southern California, there is absolutely no reason for any child to go to bed hungry, and that parents should do whatever it takes, legally, to make sure that didn’t happen." It's the parents fault?

Laura Schlessinger is a dangerous person when she spews her fantasies under the
ruse of a "Dr" or "licensed psychotherapist".

Seriously, more people need to stand up to these elitists who live off the less fortunate and give back bull. Poverty is not evaporating, it gets worse when so-called role models live in bubbles and repeat the same crap that helped to make things this bad. She's not a moralist or any of that. She does propaganda and sets people up to buy into programs or ideology. Like the crooks that created the financial diaster we are now experiencing.

Laura Schlessinger offers hungry children and guilt ridden parents a guy named Dave Ramsey [who is likely in the bulk book buying scam, he has the same MO as Laura].
From her child hunger blog:
"Dave Ramsey is in print and on just about every television program, giving good advice on what to do about your financial situation. Check him out."

Your kid is hungry, buy into Dave Ramsey...

I don't see why anyone thinks Laura is child or family favorable...

Where's the license?
Desparate to look professional.
No one can find a license. She'll say she was licensed in 1824 or whenever it was. That's a charlatan. Acts as if she is a doctor but can claim the "entertainer" ruse. The real Laura Catherine Schlessinger isn't good enough for "dr" Laura.
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INVESTIGATE LAURA SCHLESSINGER! "DoD may appear to merge inappropriately the public affairs and information operations functions"

[ click images to enlarge ]
What we know is that there is something unsavory and illicit about Laura Schlessinger and her military complex.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 Snake Oil 101 ...
Read the entire report by
Robert L. Hanafin Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired
All Americans Support Out Troops.seriously
HERE: Survives Investigation by the Pentagon

Pentagon mixed propaganda with PR, report finds
John Byrne Friday December 12, 2008 The Pentagon may have mixed propaganda with public relations in an effort to win the "war of ideas" as part of the Iraq war, according to a little-noticed report released Thursday. An inspector general's report said a whopping $1 million had been used to merge propaganda and PR efforts in 2007 and 2008. The Senate recently stripped out $3 million from the Pentagon budget for a Defense Department "strategic communication" program. "Without clearly defined strategic communications responsibilities, DoD may appear to merge inappropriately the public affairs and information operations functions," the inspector general said in a report released yesterday nestled in a Washington Post article. Such programs should be the province of the undersecretary of defense for policy, it added. The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs "should only perform strategic communications responsibilities related to its public affairs mission," while calling attention to a 2005 Pentagon document, "Public Affairs," which asserted that PR and "information" ops "differ with respect to the audience, scope and intent and must remain separate." "The inspector general also raised questions about the Office of Public Affairs' use of funds and personnel from the Armed Forces Information Service to carry out its functions without specific authority," veteran intelligence reporter Walter Pincus noted Friday. "AFIS, which was recently renamed Defense Media Activity, runs Pentagon internal communications including Stars and Stripes as well as the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. With a budget of more than $160 million and about 1,200 staff members, it nonetheless comes under the authority, direction and control of the assistant secretary for public affairs, whose authorized staff is only 89, according to the report." Strikingly, the Washington Post is the only media outlet to have reported on the report, according to an examination of Google News Friday morning.
*Laura Schlessinger's empty promise:
"So I’ve taken it as
my personal responsibility to get everybody up to speed." is a serious enough travesty.

Just because posed pictures look good that doesn't make it true. Not all awards are worthy, some are like payola.
The Bush agenda uses taxpayer money to buy promotion for their hyped war. False advertising so it looks cool to take the risks. Schlessinger is not their lone propagandist. Her exploitation of childhood and play on mothers make her among the most loathsome.

There's so much more... who can believe the Pentagon at all when reviewing the Army's Deryk Schlessinger May 2007 investigation sham? The "terrorists" were cleared! [DERYK WAS NEVER CLEARED]. Someone did the KingOf*Hearts* MySpace that others viewed and captured.
According to the Army, Deryk and friends are where they point their finger of blame, they just aren't saying why they destroyed evidence et al. If it wasn't only Deryk, which soldiers did the grusome cartoons and deadly threats? How many known threatening "apathetic killers" are being protected? What happened to Homeland Security? Is there protection for students and civilians? Why is the military covering for a twisted trained killer obsessed with sexual deviance? "Brother" Deryk is not stand up enough to clear his "brothers" from being seen as the pervert who did the KingOf*Hearts*.

If the DoD and Schlessinger know [how could they not?] about Deryk and about the purposeful destruction of evidence that both military and PR claim was from "gay, green, terrorists"... that is another coverup. They were out to destroy those that they knew were innocent to cover for PR mavens "role model" kid. SHAME! Schlessinger's charity link up with the DoD character [they lose trillions of dollars] is based on the same deceptive tactics [remember her hit on her competitor, the USO, via O'Reilly]. They try to destroy good people and organizations in a take no prisoners fashion.

Celebrity and "America Supports You/Operation Family Fund"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

"we're sooo hot, like for real. it's pretty wicked how hot we are."

[ click image to enlarge ]

blonde ? ? ?

"Nicole and I having too much fun."

Content Warning: Megan Nicole ?


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Tattooing Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie,Travis Barker, Deryk Schlessinger, Hayden Panettiere

Angelina Jolie
Hayden Panettiere's New Tattoo
Scarlett Johansson With A Sexy Tattoo
Josh Hartnett
Rumer Willis 'Be present'

Joaquin Phoenix trying out some tribal tattooing

Antique Tattoos And Vintage Body Modification
scarification, tattooing, extreme erotic body alterations 1908 to 1950

Eminem's Mom Tells All In New Book
Eminem had his say in his own memoir, released last month, The Way I Am. Now, it's mom Debbie Nelson's turn.
In her new book My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem: Setting the Record Straight, Nelson writes about why her son attacked her in his songs, such as Cleanin' Out My Closet.

"If anything, it blows him up," said Nelson. "It shows I'm a very proud mother."

Travis Barker and Shannon Moakler

Joaquin Phoenix has joined the indigenous Yawanawa people of the Brazilian Amazon. For a few pages of the new Italian Vanity Fair.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The worst Deryk Schlessinger activists did it and what a mother will allow to cover for baby boi

"Some gay activists posted some porn on Deryk Schlessinger’s MySpace blog so that they could say the soldier and son of famous conservative talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger is monster/conservative/liar/hate monger…" So writes Mick in his citizen journalist blog that has almost zero to do with fact. He really goes overboard in his fantasy life and he doesn't correct his most egregious misinformation... and Deryk is one of Mick's Top misinformation Posts!

Mick even looks like one of the fake photos that allowed Mommy Dearest for years to cover Derky's arse... here in

What's funny is we just noticed Fraudline Laura Schlessinger wrote an A2 for the
Santa Barbara News-Press controversy [not user friendly] titled
"Don't enable or rescue errant children"
on November 16, 2008
She who nags and preaches responsibility and accountability for others, doesn't practice responsibility and accountability for her and hers. No accountability for Deryk, instead he got a Screaming Eagle Dyna and who knows what.

The worst Deryk Schlessinger ever... milquetoasty Deryk hides away, from their "family values" public, in his scorpion lair... deep, dark deathly toxic secrets. Without his hot body to model we can only hear stories and imagine his tattoos. The only photos we've seen... could be Deryk? It's hard to tell. For sure there were twisted bodies, familiar faces and drunks. Typical Army bratish and boys
[Ft Bragg area?]
The "Deryk" in photos were never quiet clear [scorpio]. So we made our own Deryk above in the worst fake photo ever.

Allegedly, Deryk tatts are not on his hands, won't show when dressed. They may be less color? I'm told. This is sort of close, maybe, sorta, kinda... you get the picture. More Deryk type tatts later.


[] []
Santa Barbara News-Press, Robert Eringer. Debunking is a good thing.
Now can we deal with the faux "Dr" Laura?
The forgotten Vets...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PhD student "Dr" Laura Schlessinger and Veterans Day 2007

"Dr" Laura, who skipped Veterans Day 2007, got into it this year. Curious, as she was SO BIG on her "charity" rallies for war in '07, as if it was all about soldiers. O'Really?
Why blow off Veterans Day in November 2007?
What were those spectacles with Bill O'Reilly about?
The Salt Lake Tribune 5/13/2007 article, 'Military wives' whining wears on Dr. Laura', was worthy of an O'Reilly/Schlessinger performance on The Factor.

Only to be exceeded when O'Reilly/Schlessinger took on the competition, United Service Organizations (USO) CEO and President Edward Powell, November 2007.
Laura Schlessingers strange behaviors and performances only solicit more questions.

During Deryk Schlessingers court martial investigation [which he was never cleared] both O'Reilly/Schlessinger acted contrary to their better senses, they did not do for Deryk as mother wrote 5/17/08 in the Santa Barbara News-Press.
Here..."come out with clarification or rebuttal immediately"
No one defended Deryk Schlessinger because no one thought he was innocent.
What a crime this is, they conspire to cover up for Deryk. None other than the Pentagon accused gays and terrorists of hacking Deryk Schlessinger's MySpace page. At the same time none other than the Pentagon purged all the evidence as of Monday May 21 2007. By August 31, 2007 the Army did clear all the accused "enemies"... Deryk Schlessinger? They are all complicit in their silence... Laura Schlessinger continues her propaganda and PR.